Composting for the Home Gardener

There are 10 basic steps to home composting and everyone can do it. Rather than put waste into landfills, turn your backyard into a veritable black gold machine. Take the angst out of composting by joining Master Gardener and Master Composter Carol Shirk to learn how to manage your waste more sustainably.

Thursday, March 30th at 6:00pm

TNT—PIZZA! PIZZA! Thursday, March 23rd

TNT–(Tweens n’ Things) and (Teens n’ Things)

Attention Teens and Tweens! We have created a new monthly program just for you!

Join us on Thursday, March 23rd at 4:00 pm (ages 9-12) and 6:00 pm (ages 13-17).

Come to our pizza program and bring your taste buds with! Munch your way through several different pizzas and vote for your favorites! We will also be assembling (and eating) a personalized dessert pizza! REGISTRATION REQUIRED SO WE HAVE ADEQUATE SUPPLIES!


Join us at the library every 3rd Thursday for Tweens n’ Things @4:00pm and

Teens n’ Things @6:00pm.

Movie Time!

Join us at the Juneau Public Library for a new release video showing. With surround sound and fresh-popped popcorn, What could be better? See the scheduled movies below and make plans to join us.

Kid Flicks

Thursday, March 9, at 3:30 PM. “Artemis Fowl” Rated PG, 1hr, 33 min

Thursday, March 30, at 3:30 PM. Puss in Boots: The Last Wish Rated PG, 1hr, 42 min

Flix @ Six

Monday, March 6, at 6:00 PM. “The Fabelmans” Rated Pg-13, 2 hr, 31 min

Monday, March 20, at 6:00 PM. “Devotion” Rated Pg-13, 2 hr, 19 min