Juneau “Tail Trackers” Contest

🐾Attention all animal lovers & adventure seekers!🐾

Throughout the months of June and July the Juneau Public Library is asking you to be “Tail Trackers”. Each week our librarians will be hiding an animal tail somewhere in or near Juneau. It’s your job to track it down. Once you locate each tail, stop by the library and fill out an entry form for a chance to win a “Pig Out” gift basket (yep…it’s full of delicious animal-themed junk food). This contest lasts 8 weeks, you have the potential to find 8 different animal tails, and you can enter the contest up to 8 times (one entry per person per week)!

Here’s how to become a TAIL TRACKER this summer!
🔍Check our Facebook page, our website, or stop in the library to view our photo clue of the day. There will be 5 clues posted each week (Monday-Friday) and the contest lasts for 8 weeks (June 7-July 31).
🔍Use the clues to determine where the tail is hiding.
🔍Make your way to the hidden location to find out what type of tail is hidden there. Your entry form will ask you where you found the tail AND who the tail belongs to. The only way you’ll be able to answer those two questions correctly is to visit the location in person.
🔍Visit the library and complete your weekly entry form.
🔍All correct entries (correct location and tail “owner”) will be entered into the GRAND PRIZE drawing for the “Pig Out” gift basket drawing to be held on Monday, August 2nd.

WEEK #2 PHOTO CLUES (June 14-20)

Week 2/Clue 1
It’s a good “sign” that this business serves the people of Dodge County!
Week 2/Clue 2
Have you heard that this location assures that this herd produces quality milk?
Week 2/Clue 3
If you’re going to support something, these three characters feel you should support them and all their friends (just like this local business does)!
Week 2/Clue 4
Would you just give me a SIGN that I’m looking in the right location for this two-toned tail. Well, I guess that’s a FAIR-field request!
Week 2/Clue 5
This location supports dairy and the library supports your tail tracking efforts! Keep on lookin’ for signs of this hidden tail somewhere in the distance.