Juneau Public Library Does Lighting Upgrade

The Juneau Public Library recently completed their LED lighting upgrade project. All interior and exterior lighting was changed to long-lasting LED products. The LEDs provide brighter light levels with less energy consumed. It is expected to save at least 27,000 kilowatt-hours of energy annually or the equivalent amount used by three average Wisconsin home each year. The cost of the project was reduced through the use of incentives through the Focus on Energy program. The project will save an estimated $3100 annually in electric costs. If your business is interested in a lighting upgrade, contact Juneau Utilities for an analysis of possible savings.

Juneau Utilities recently donated $1,000 to the Juneau Community Development Authority, who in turn donated it to the Juneau Public Library to help with their lighting upgrade project. Pictured accepting the check is Jannette Thrane, Juneau Library Director, from Robert Affeld (left), Utility President Robert Affeld, and Mayor Dan Wegener. Juneau is a WPPI Energy Community.